Energy (300 Points)

The jurors will evaluate the team’s drawings, construction specifications and energy analysis documentation.

Examples to be considered:

  • The use of unique approaches to solve engineering challenges
  • The use of market-ready approaches
  • The ability of house systems to enhance occupant comfort
  • The effective use of house controls facilitating the reduction in energy consumption
  • The ease of maintenance and owner operation


The following loads shall be used to replicate full-time occupancy of the house:

  • Heat 8 gallons of water from ambient temperature to 110̊ F twice daily, throughout the competition.
  • Refrigerator load shall hold the temperature between 34̊ and 40̊ F throughout the competition.
  • Maintain the comfort level between 70̊ F and 78̊ F throughout the competition.
  • Heat ½ gallon of water from ambient temperature to 212̊ F, once a day for each day of the competition.
  • Freezer load shall hold the temperature between -20̊ F and -5̊ F throughout the competition.
  • Three hours of laptop use each day.
  • Two hours of TV/monitor use each day.
  • Fully charge a depleted cell phone and tablet each day with a SMUD supplied simulated load.
  • A minimum of 800 lumens of light each day at the work space and kitchen area each day.