Santa Clara University, rEvolve House

rEvolve House is an interdisciplinary undergraduate project with a focus on sustainable, renewable technologies, and building practices. The house is designed to provide all the comforts of a regular home in a fraction of the space. The house is built on an 8.5′ x 28′ trailer to keep the space small and to allow the entire house to be mobile.

The goals of the team are to create a comfortable living space that includes all the amenities of traditional housing while having a footprint that is only a fraction of the size. The team is partnering with Operation Freedom Paws, a non-profit organization that pairs dogs with veterans and others who have a variety of physical, neurological, psychological or mobility needs. The individuals and their dogs are trained and then certified together as a service dog team after participating in a 48-week program.

Following the competition, OFP will receive the house to act as temporary accommodations for out-of-town visitors who need to stay at OFP’s facility for several days. Potential types of visitors include new clients being paired with a dog, dog shelter workers receiving training on what to look for in potential service dogs, or a service dog trainer coming in to help lead classes. The training program also has clients who travel significant distances and need to stay for a few days every month to receive the training they need.

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