A Student Home on an Urban Farm

Editor’s Note: This is a fictional scenario based around the wonderful folks at City Slicker Farms in West Oakland. We thank them for inspiring this project.

City Slicker Farms is an urban agriculture non-profit organization established in West Oakland in 2001 to address the food access needs of West Oakland residents. They operate the Community Market Farms, Backyard Garden, and Urban Farming Education programs, aimed at empowering West Oakland community members to meet the basic need for fresh, healthy food by creating sustainable, high-yield urban farms and backyard gardens. Their West Oakland Farm Park, future home for The Wedge, is located at 2487 Peralta Street, amid the 16 block section of West Oakland known as “Dogtown”. In an area surrounded by freeways and warehouses, The Wedge was designed to stylishly fit in with the industrial elements of the neighborhood.

The Wedge is designed to house two on-site caretakers who will assist with daily activities on the farm, provide security at night, and help teach visitors about living a Net-Zero lifestyle. The role of caretaker will be a six-month internship position, open to current students in either a Permaculture or Farm Management program. The student interns are typically between 20 – 26 years old. Preference is given to couples who apply for the position, but separate sleeping areas are provided for when two independent interns are accepted into the program.

Our client, City Slickers Farm, has an annual budget of $12,000 toward the student interns, based on a monthly stipend of $500 per month per student to cover their housing. The Wedge will now provide intern housing, and City Slicker Farms expects that there budget will cover the cost of The Wedge within three years.

Target Client Characteristics