Net-Zero Energy

The Wedge is designed and built to produce as much energy is consumed. The Wedge generates its own power via an array of solar panels installed on the roof and is designed to run solely on its own generated power. Power from the solar panels is used to charge a bank of batteries so that there is enough power at all times to run lights, cook and use other devices within the home that consume electricity even when the sun’s not shining. An inverter is used to convert power from the 24 volt DC bank of batteries to standard household power of 120 volts AC for a limited number of devices requiring AC power.  In general though, most of the lighting and other devices in the house are powered directly from DC power.

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Net-Zero Water

Designed to meet the water-use challenges of drought-stricken California, every drop of water used by The Wedge is captured for re-use in watering the farm produce. The bathroom makes use of a composting toilet that requires zero water use. The low-flow kitchen faucet and shower head help reduce water requirements. The residents of The Wedge are committed to maintaining a healthy grey water system and use biodegradable soap. Kitchen grease and food waste are captured and composted, rather than being allowed to contaminate the grey water system. Prior to use on food producing the plants, the captured grey water is filtered through a natural gravel and wetland plant based filtration system.

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Net-Zero Waste

Reduce, Re-Use, Recycle and Rot. The resident’s of The Wedge are committed to living waste free. Following the nature of tiny house living, they only purchase items that they need. All food waste is composted, using worm composting and other composting means. Groceries and other products are purchased packaging free where possible, making use of containers from home to buy loose items in bulk. Paper and cardboard are composted or used for sheet mulching in the garden. The residents of The Wedge are committed to living plastic free as much as possible, and items that cannot be re-used are recycled.

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