Living Room

Tucked into the wedge-shaped corner, the Living Room features a built-in L-shaped couch which takes advantage of the sloping rear wall to provide a very comfortable lounging area for two, or seating for up to four when guests visit. There is substantial built-in storage within the bench seats.


The Wedge features a generous kitchen with lots of counter space and built-in cabinets and overhead shelves for food storage and housing appliances. The kitchen includes an induction stove-top, a full-size sink and an under-counter refrigerator-freezer. Click here more information about our appliances.

Front Wall - Interior ElevationBathroom

The Wedge has a complete bathroom with everything needed to provide for convenient daily hygiene, including a full-size shower. The Nature’s Head composting toilet reduces water needs, and the composted waste matter can be processed for future use in the garden.

Sleeping Loft

The sleeping loft is easily accessed by an elegant staircase which doubles as a bookcase and built-in storage cabinet. The loft features a full-size mattress to provide comfortable sleeping room for two. The sloped roof gives generous head height for reading in bed. The angled rear wall provides additional room for moving around in the space and adds to the roomy feel.

Dining & Work Space

A generous built-in table doubles as the dining area and the work space. The desk area is large enough to allow for two complete place settings and a laptop computer to be set-up at the same time.

Additional Features

There is a large built-in closet under the sleeping loft which provides plenty of room for hangingĀ  garments. There is a 20″ computer monitor mounted to the wall behind the desk area with a swing arm so that it can be viewed from either the desk, the Kitchen, or the Living Room couch.